Watercolours & more

by Violeta Damjanovic-Behrendt

Research Interests

Education. I earned Ph.D. in Information Technologies (2008), M.Sc. in Electronic Business (2005), and B.Sc. in Informatics (1998) from the University of Belgrade in Serbia.

Research experience. In November 2006, I joined Salzburg Research as a Researcher in the Knowledge and Media Technologies (KMT) group. In 2013, the research topics of the KMT group transformed towards the Internet of Things (IoT), and I become a Senior Researcher in the IoT group. 

In addition to research, I have 8 years of software development experience in banking industry, where, at first, I was an application developer (1998 – 2004), then a project manager (2004 – 2006). I was also an external lecturer at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule Salzburg) teaching “Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Game Theory” (October/ November 2011), and “Game Theory for the Smart Grid” (in July 2013). From 2015, I’m an Expert Evaluator and Rapporteur for EU H2020 research programmes, helping European Commission in the assessment of scientific projects for funding applications (e.g. ITN-2016, IF-2016).

Research interests. My major research interests include cybersecurity for the IoT, strategic and behavioural Game Theory algorithms, while occasionally I’m working in the areas of Semantic Web and ontology engineering (active research areas in the period 2004 – 2013).

Research awards. My M.Sc. thesis, “Web Pedagogical Agents: A Touch of Web Intelligence”, was awarded with the 2005 Research Award from the Serbian Society for Informatics. In 2017, my research paper “Stackelberg Security Game for Optimizing Security of Federated IoT Platform Instances” received the Best Paper Award by the WASET Award Committee. 

Past projects. I was a contributor to several EU projects: FP7 EAGLE, FP7 IP IKS, FP7 INFRA AgINFRA, FP6 IP ImportNET, FP6 NoE ProLearn, and some national Austrian projects, e.g. FFG UNDERSTANDER, FFG IoT4Industry, etc

Current projects. I’m currently working on the following projects:

  • H2020 FoF (Factories of the Future) project called NIMBLE (Collaboration Network for Industry, Manufacturing, Business and Logistics in Europe)
    • leading the Work Package on “Trust, Security, Privacy and Reputation” for digital manufacturing platforms (project website: https://www.nimble-project.org/ )

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