Watercolours & more

by Violeta Damjanovic-Behrendt

about me,

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Violeta Damjanovic-Behrendt

I studied art at the private fine arts school of a distinguished Serbian painter Sergej Jovanovic, in Belgrade. During the period 1998-2005, I painted Byzantine Icons and had my artwork exhibited at the Palace of Princess Ljubica (Belgrade (2000, 2003)), the Greeley Square Gallery (Manhattan, NYC (2002-2003)), the Epiphany Lutheran Church (Richmond, VA (2003)), the Greek Orthodox Cathedral Saints Constantine and Helen (Richmond, VA (2003)), the Consulate General of Serbia (Salzburg (2010)). My early artworks relate to fashion design (1993-1994).

In addition to art, I hold a PhD in Information Technologies, from the University of Belgrade. Since 2006, I have been employed by Salzburg Research as a full time Senior Researcher. For more details on my professional work, please visit: https://violetabehrendt.com/ 

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