Artfinder home page_May 2015
A year ago, I started looking for an online space to show my work, and to engage more actively in the art community. My imaginary community was an interactive art marketplace in which my artworks would, by some magic, get noticed.

I joined Artfinder in November 2013, by uploading first photos of my birds in watercolors. The first feedback came in the form of notification messages about new followers. One by one, my community started growing and I was silently welcoming each new follower. Just before Easter 2014, I experienced the delight of receiving the first “Congratulations! You have sold an artwork” message. My first bird in watercolor happily flew to the UK.

It’s now 13 months that I have been with ArtFinder, who did a great job promoting my artwork:

Thanks to Artfinder’s amazing promotional efforts, my watercolors found new homes worldwide, from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, to Peru. I’m very grateful for all.