One of my very first thoughts this morning was: “What a perfect day to have a cosy and relaxed time at home ! I’m going to skip even food shopping this Saturday.” I took my coffee and some daily magazines and adverts, and found out that one of the local garden centers is having their open day, offering all sorts of  sales. That was it! A little trigger that immediately changed my plans! In less than an hour later, we were there.

I’m so enthusiastic about all the flowers and plants that I decided to write about gARTening and show you some photos! We actually went twice to the same garden center, in order to transport all the stuff we bought: 3 elevated raised beds, 9 bags of top soil, some wire to put under the garden beds, chamomile plants, 2 coriander plants, curcuma (turmeric), wasabi (Japanese horseradish), a lot of herbs and flowers, and a bit of garden deco, which is something we are always in need. What a day!

Just look at the pagoda from the pictures below: this must be one of our next garden projects 😉