We were travelling quite a bit in April and May 2017, mainly for work. At the beginning of April, we went to Valencia (Spain), beginning of May to Herceg Novi (Montenegro), then back to Spain – this time, Barcelona. The common thing about all three places is their location at the seaside: Valencia and Barcelona at the Mediterranean coast, while Herceg Novi is at the Adriatic coast.

April in the Mediterranean and Adriatic areas is just not warm enough for swimming in the sea, although we found our ways to enjoy both trips!

Valencia (photos above)

Herceg Novi (photos above)

In Valencia, some mesmerizing scent came from the dark while we were enjoying our dinner at the outside terrace of a local restaurant . I thought that someone was sitting nearby using a wonderful perfume. The scent came back with the first breeze and I started searching for its source. Yeap! There was a tree next to us – an orange tree in full bloom! Valencia is full of orange trees lining the streets giving it this wonderful scent in April! I call it “culture orange”, when added on top of orange based desserts in the Spanish cuisine.

Beginning of May 2017, we briefly traveled to Herceg Novi, Montenegro. I had visited the place many times before 2010, usually during the summer period. Walking through this little Adriatic town in May happened to be quite a different experience, related to its distinct smell of white jasmine blossoms. Jasmine shrubs and trees are widely cultivated in Herceg Novi, for the characteristic fragrance of their flowers and their practical usage to create a solid base for hedges. Jasmine hedges are everywhere in Herceg Novi, evoking a dance of distinct perfumes in the air, in May.

The photo above, on the right, features the picturesque view through our open hotel window on a small marina. The hotel Stanica (A Railway Station, eng.) is a small, comfortable and friendly place (you can book it here: https://booki.ng/2rUqzMT).

It is June now and I am still recalling mesmerizing perfumes of orange and jasmine blossoms from our last trips.