My recent attack in watercolor painting is triggered by the intensity of colors of the amazonian rain-forest fauna. For “Amazonian Iguana”, I choose Fabriano, 640g/m2, hot pressed (satinata) watercolor paper. Creating an interesting texture that imitate the lizard’s skin, worked well with Fabriano. The skin of the iguana is fairly complex, built in several transparent layers, required even an application of masking liquid to protect lights in the specific areas of the painting. The following pictures give more details about the painting phases.

35x47 cm, Fabriano 640 gsm, August 2013
IMG_8779IMG_8778 35×47 cm, Fabriano 640 gsm, August 2013

 Amazonian Iguana (35×47 cm, Fabriano 640 g/m2)