IMG_9080 I arranged a corner in our new home which portrays the years when I was immersed into Byzantine Icon painting (time between 1998 and 2005). The results are many finished icons (many of them sold in the galleries or commissioned), and also exhibitions held between 2000 and 2010. For example, the exhibitions at the Palace of Princess Ljubica (Belgrade, 2000); the Greeley Square Gallery (Manhattan, NYC, 2002/2003); the Epiphany Lutheran Church (Richmond, VA, 2003); the Greek Orthodox Cathedral Saints Constantine and Helen (Richmond, VA, 2003); then again the Palace of Princess Ljubica (Belgrade, 2003), and the Consulate General of Serbia (Salzburg, 2010).

Today, I only enjoy looking at the few remaining icons, admiring the beauty and precision of brushstrokes with which they were painted, yet realizing that I am no longer in this frame of mind. The above picture shows an extract from “The Hospitality of Abraham”. This icon is also known as “The Old Testament Trinity”, presenting the circle of perfect communication between Abraham, Sarah, and three angels. The central angel is considered to be Christ; the angel at the left is God the Father, and the angel at the right is the Holy Spirit. In front of them, on the table, there is some food and drink, some cutlery and bowls. It is a very liturgical image, and I felt deeply touched looking at it again.