IMG_6622This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through the process of painting the “Australian Parrot” in watercolor technique. Enjoy practicing. 

In Step 1, the basic shapes of the parrot are created trough luminous layers of variations of yellow and green. In the lower area of the painting, an illusion of feathers has been added by blowing watercolor pigments. The position of the eye and the shape of the beak are only vaguely fixed in this phase.

In Step 2, we continue building the painting by adding another layer of colours. The parrot’s head and under neck areas are mainly painted wet-in-wet, while details such as the eye, the beak and the darker pigmented feathers are added after drying.

In Step 3, the new layer of colours brings additional complexity and improves the spatial contours of the parrot’s head. I decided to stop at that point, driven by Da Vinci’s saying that “Art is never finished, only abandoned” (c.f. Lessons from Da Vinci, Artist’s Network, online:

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