This is an educational, home-recorded demo, showing my wet-on-wet approach to watercolor painting. I used to call my painting process “MINUS sketch, PLUS water”, by which I’m referring on sketching with water, then adding pigments into it and even more water.

Watercolor paints used in this video are by Schmincke Horadam (Cadmium orange deep, English Venetian red, Brilliant blue violet, Indigo, Neutral tint, Permanent Chinese white) and Sennelier (Quinacridon gold, Caput mortum). The brushes used in demo are a traditional Chinese Ink Brush (medium size) with the hard texture (called Ying Hao) and Kolinsky (the Siberian weasel) brushes: Da Vinci Harbin-Kolinsky 36Y, No. 2, & Da Vinci Maestro Kolinsky Special Inlaid Liner Brushes, No. 8, for painting the fine details.

Music: Eine kleine Nachtmusik by W.A. Mozart (listed by YouTube as not a third party content)