As watercolour lover and practitioner who’s continuously searching for a balance between personal interests in painting, social trends, fashion and needs of my target audience, I’ve found a new 2016′ colour scheme published by the Pantone Color Institute to be a special challenge in my palette in 2016. Pantone has selected two colors of the year for 2016: rose quartz and serenity, explaining the choice as a colour combination leading towards “… gender equality, wellness and peace“.

SaatchiArt, the biggest art marketplace, analyzes Pantone’s new colours of the year in a blog post from December 2015, showcasing in parallel the SaatchiArt’s rose quartz and serenity inspired art collection that can be seen here.

These two colours are blending together in a very natural way in watercolours. After exploring the SaatchArt selection of rose quartz and serenity inspired artwork, I wanted to look up for the use of these two colours in my own collection of watercolours. Here are 3 examples that I found for you:

ArtFinder, another art marketplace, offers a selection of rose quartz and serenity inspired artworks by its own favorite circle of artists, which brings along a lot of orange and yellow over the colours of interest for this analysis.

Some famous impressionists artists, such as Monet (see Water Lilies) or Degas (see Blue Dancers) could be good representatives for the use of new Pantone’s colour selection. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself in 2016 by experimenting with these two colours through:

(1) creating small patterns to explore their blending opportunities,

(2) mixing them in a composition,

(3) using each of them in a monochrome way.

If you would like to join me in this experimentation, you’ll welcome to contact me and share your results either via this channel, or social media: facebook page, and Instagram feed. Let’s blend it together!

Vitae (note I’m posting my Vitae here for the purpose of “Social Media Marketing” specialisation that I’m currently taking via Coursera at the Northwestern University)

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My name is Violeta Damjanovic-Behrendt. I’m a full time senior researcher in the area of Internet of Things (IoT), and an independent watercolour artists. I enjoy my double profession, and devote all my creative hours to painting. During the period 1998-2005, I was involved in painting Byzantine Icons, and had my work exhibited in Belgrade (Serbia), Manhattan (NYC, USA), Richmond (VA, USA), Salzburg (Austria). Since 2012, I am passionate about watercolour technique. Follow me on facebook , Instagram, twitter