Do you have one of these dangerous animals at home? We have birds, butterflies and bees in our garden, plenty of rabbits in a nearby wood, but no dogs, cats, or chicken. There are several reasons why we do not keep dogs and cats: we are too busy in the office and with school, plus too many other activities. But somehow, I am missing home pets! Therefore, I get  myself some painted ones!

“Beware of the Dog” portrays one of these creatures that put you in immediate danger … of taking them home! It’s a Goldendoodle, a mixture of Golden Retriever and Poodle. I did a quick sketch in watercolour, and it was clear that if pigments dry correctly, something funny and cute will appear before my eyes.


The second layer  was almost the final one. Just a few final touches and there it was! My son doesn’t really want to see the painting online, and so we may still “adopt” this doggy for one of our home walls.