Planting and painting! There is historic evidence that many artists have been fascinated with the ever-changing horticultural world. Remember Monet’s waterlily garden in Giverny (see:, Cezanne’s garden at Les Lauves, Kandinsky’s garden at Murnau in Bavaria (see:, Sargent, Matisse, Renoire, and many other painters who were deeply inspired by their gardens.

After moving into our new house with a large garden in Austria, three years ago, we became much more exposed to the variety of green hues afforded by our plants, vegetables and flowers. This strong connection with nature is  becoming evident as my new painting muse, firing up my passion for painting the skins and patterns of various plants, e.g. eggplants, figs, home grown tomatoes, raspberries and even humble peas.


“Eggplants”, watercolour on Hahnemühle 425 gsm, 30×40 cm, May 2016.

The above watercolours were painted in 2015. Tomatoes and raspberries are from our garden. The figs are almost from the garden; we have got two young fig trees which are too slow for bearing fruits in the short Summers in Austria.

Below are some more reasons for my gardening passion, which is about having a relaxed and creative time …well, after getting all the weekly gardening business done :-)!