This was a visit to the Art Foundation of Pilar and Joan Miró in Palma de Mallorca, in 2012. The Foundation is a little way from the centre of Palma, 30 minutes by bus up a hill. Miró‘s  collection of paintings and sculptures is housed in a series of buildings, as well as in a garden. I had not been a big admirer of Miró‘s work up to that point, but this totally changed with this visit. Let me show you, why!

First, I liked the smiley sculpture at the entrance to the Foundation. I saw the water in the background, and its surface was so close to the sky that it made me think the sky had turned down and the water got up. I knew, I was standing at the top of the hill, and the view was featuring water and the sky in a way that confused my senses. So I experienced the very first illusion straight at the entrance!

The second impression was about the inside of the museum, which is filled with the light and friendly, zombie-like characters. They have various stories to tell: some are shiny, some are busy walking, some are showing the romantic patterns of the wall tapestries on which they were painted. I started getting immersed in them, the longer I was there.

Third, I enjoyed the dynamics of the painted characters that all seemed “on the move” through the gallery: running, hunting, loving, writing poetry!

The fourth impression was about the garden, some outdoor sculptures and … some living turtles. I guess Pilar and Jose Miró had their turtles to care of, and some new ones are  happily living here even today.

Fifth, the view over Palma, just in front of the entrance to Miró‘s studio was fantastic in February. I’m sure, Pilar  and Miró chose this place for its views over the city from the garden.

Finally, I photographed an excerpt from Miró‘s letter to Sert, the architect who designed his studio (click on the photo above to read it). I like “the right setting”-metaphor from this letter, which tells me a lot about Miró‘s approach to creating his art! Although there are many details found in this visit that transformed my personal view on Miró, this letter is the reason No. 1 to believe that I understand this artist!

If you would like to know more about the place, I found this public video of the Foundation on YouTube – it’s very informative.