It has been three years now since we moved to a new house in the country side. With our jobs and the boy’s school in Salzburg we are commuting on a daily basis. The views and landscapes on our way are very inspirational for nature lovers… and for the artists too. Just look at these babies fawns I photographed recently on our way back home đŸ™‚

Fowns on our way back home_2016

It’s also true that we have never enough time for doing proper gardening, or full time painting, or anything huge and time consuming at home, if it is not a part of planned holidays. Despite time constraints, I must confess, I’m proud of every little improvement that we have made so far. Especially, in the kitchen garden!


This year we built three raised vegetable beds, in which are planted green salads, spinach, zucchini, hokkaido pumpkin, broccoli, chamomile, rosemary, etc.

Three raised beds (click to enlarge)


A chamomile is getting ready to bloom for the first time.

Another major novelty here is the newly created flower edge garden, which is located next to the fence with the neighbours. There, we welcome the neighbour’s white Galium odoratum, commonly known as the Sweet Woodruff, a fast-growing, ground cover perennial that is rapidly spreading on our side of the fence. In addition to low maintenance Galium odoratum, we added some soaptree (Yucca elata).

Here are some “before & after” photos of the edge garden.