The queen of our back garden is a quince tree, which luckily has the kind of sunny position  that is necessary for it to develop its aromatic fruits. The tree is easy to look after, practically requiring only that any sources of shadow should be removed. Below is a picture after harvesting our quince tree in October 2015.


We enjoy the quinces for their scent, color and taste. I like making quince jelly, and the process of turning the yellow fruit into the beautiful dark red color of the jelly amazes me every time when cooking this fruit.


The Summer of 2016 wasn’t blessed with much sun in our area, and hence the tree was not very generous, either. As a consequence, I was more occupied with painting some occasional quinces from the garden, rather than cooking them in large quantities. The pattern of the quinces’ skin was very inviting for painting, and the end result was pleasing, too, albeit without red jelly.



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