The Winter. The long winter 2016/17 felt like the Ice Age film series, featuring a lot of snow and low temperatures. The nearby lake was half frozen and waterfowl had to be fed by the local bird care organization (click on the photos below to enlarge).

Winter Sports. Some cold and sunny days reminded us that we’re living in the centre of winter sports. So, for our winter holidays, we went to one of Austria’s ski resorts at the border of Salzburg and Styria – Ramsau am Dachstein. We spent 6 fantastic days there with skiing, sledging and learning some basic skills of classic cross-country skiing. Well, the three of us range from beginner to intermediate skiers, which called for different arrangements in the first days. After taking six lessons of Alpine skiing, I made great progress and on the last day, my dream of skiing with my boys came true!

Skiing without fear. If you were ever thinking on how to quickly develop or improve basic skiing skills, my sincere recommendation to you would be: come to Austria, go to Ramsau am Dachstein, find the ski school Pitzer:, and ask for Hermann, the instructor! His teaching methods are fully personalized, plus he will search and find any possible root of problem that blocks your progress in Alpine skiing. You will quickly and effectively improve your skills, and start skiing with confidence.

The Knollhof hotel. Our hotel in Ramsau was located next to our skiing place. From the front of the hotel, we had a view on 4 famous skiing areas: Planai, Reiteralm, Hauser Kaibling and Dachstein, plus a view on the Rittisberg, which is famous for its night sledging. From the back side of the hotel, we had a view on the ski school Pitzer. A perfect arrangement, isn’t it?

Antique furniture. The hotel “Knollhof” is friendly and clean. I enjoyed searching for the antique pieces in public areas of the hotel, featuring Austrian folk style from the period of the mid of the 19th century. Here are some photos of the antique hotel furniture (click to enlarge).

Bärli, the cat. Bärli could be found often longing around the reception desk. We liked meeting him during the day 🙂