Last week, we visited the exhibition of famous Spanish/ Valencian impressionist Joaquin Sorolla (1863 – 1923) in the Kunsthalle, Munich, Germany. I have always admired the spontaneity and freshness of impressionist art, and therefore getting to know Sorolla’s work by visiting this exhibition was a must for me. I actually knew very little about his art, in fact only two of his most famous paintings: “Walk on the Beach” (2,05 m x 2 m) (1909), featuring the Spanish post-impressionism principles of lights and colours, and “Sewing the Sail” (2,22 m x 3 m). Both paintings have been characterized as belonging to the epoch of Valencian Luminism, because of their light effects. While “Walk on the Beach” was for some reason not included in the collection presented in Munich, “Sewing the Sail” (see below) was there, attracting huge attention and admiration by the audience.

Sawing the Seil_Sorolla

The exhibition in Munich included both the large format painting and the smaller works, counting up to 120 paintings. It offered huge amounts of information and the audio guide was very well presented – all in all, it was extremely worthwhile visiting. Here are some photos to share (click to enlarge)!

After the exhibition, we were heading straight to the English garden for a walk and lunch, and afterwards we visited the BMW museum in Munich. This way there was a bit of pleasure for everyone in our family!

Guess what I’m considering to do the next: pssssstttt! I’m going to paint the “Walk on the Beach” my way. I cannot buy Sorolla’s artwork, so I would try to paint some by myself for our home.